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What do you expect next?

Lover’s Darkness has been doing well on Amazon, and I am SO glad you guys have enjoyed it!

We have been working really hard on Lover’s Light book two in the Finding Purpose series!

As well as a new project in the works!

Thanks to everyone’s support I wanted to give a first look at the first chapter for Lover’s Light, book two!

Chapter One


We did it! After I helped Matthias and Silver escape, I knew I needed to meet back up with the other rebels before we followed to meet them at the camp. The palace is in chaos, and blood is everywhere. Running down the hallway to the servant’s entrance, I can hear the fighting between the guards and my people.

“X! retreat!” I scream to my second in command. He doesn’t pay me any attention, but I know he will listen to me, not for any other reason than we want our people to make it out. The rebels start pushing back, and the air around us shifts. It’s a telling sign that I shouldn’t have ignored.

Bodies were moving forward, running, blood everywhere, women and children screaming as the rebels get them inside a wagon, so they don’t have to walk. We are moving everyone because we know what will happen to them if they are left behind.

The rebels serve the true king, Matthias Corvine. When he came to me and asked me to do this, I don’t know how he knew my ties to the resistance. Honestly, I don’t think he did. Matthias has no way of knowing that my father was one of the original guards that had protected his family for generations.

Until Matthias’ father brutally murdered him for no reason other than father had figured out his treachery. When my dad found out, he created the Rebels, and in his murder, I became the legacy everyone followed.

When we finally make it out of the palace, and the men have gathered all the women, children, and as many injured as they could, I give the signal to go. X beside me and the feeling of being followed still strong knowing the guards won’t be held back long from the spell to knock them out.

“If something happens X, I want you to lead everyone to the camp. Find Matthias and make sure they get these people somewhere safe.” I look to my second in command.

“Cayden, we are free, you may still be the leaders of the rebels, but you are also my longest friend. Nothing will happen to you.” He tells me. I nod and let my horse drop behind the others; the bitter feeling in my stomach is telling me we aren’t even close to being safe yet. I may be human, but even I know in a pack, the Alpha stays behind to make sure no one can come from behind and hurt his people. X, moved towards the front to guide them.

He knows we will have to stop and rest soon, and with the way the sky has transformed, we are going blind. Whatever Matthias and his group did, they have started a change in the atmosphere. However, I can’t stop my mind from drifting to Silver, and that pull to her, it was seductive, and it called to my soul.

The beautiful woman with liquid silver hair, and red eyes showing me she was a vampyre. As a human, it shouldn’t have happened. I should be uneasy at the very sight of such a preditor, and yet she called to me.

Letting her go with Matthias was hard, and focusing on the battle, hell on my people should have been my main focus, but even I can admit she was there, in the back of my mind.

When we have made a decent amount of distance between us, and the palace X stops in a suitable area for rest, the women take the kids and begin looking for fruits on the trees while my soldiers know to start looking for firewood.

“X,” I say when I get off my horse and walk over to my second in command. “Make sure the rotations are covered. The injured are tended to, and everyone gets an energy boost.”

“Yes sir,” he says and stalks off to give out my orders. The rebels have every species in it. Humans, Vamps, Shifters, Witches, and of course the Incubus/Succubus.

“CAYDEN!” I hear someone shout, running towards the woods on the west side, I see Corina, a powerful witch.

“What is the yelling for Corina, we don’t want to alert the entire forest where we are for Goddess sakes!”

“I am sealing a barrier about four hundred feet around us. Anyone outside of it will be out of my protection, and if anyone gets to close, I will be notified. Do I have your permission to use you as a conduit to add your essence, so you are alerted as well, Sir?”

Honestly, I hadn’t thought about that. When you’re used to having to make do without any powers, you don’t remember to utilize the non-human members you get.

“Yes, that is fine. What do you need from me?” She brings her eyebrows together in what I can only assume is a “Are you serious right now” look.

“Just give me your hand and don’t let go until I’m done.” So I do, I take her hand, and in a matter of minutes, I feel a force connect, and a tingling feeling in my blood.

“It’s done” With that, I watch as Corina walks away and I’m dumbfounded because if this is how witches have it, I was damned and I’m feeling a bit jealous of it.

Special Project?

Stay tuned for the release to the first chapter of my first ever standalone second chance romance!

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