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How to Build a Blog in WordPress with Elementor

Most themes use a single style for blog archive pages, a style you’re forced to live with as it’s not able to be changed.

OceanWP, on the other hand, is different. It allows you to combine Elementor Pro with Ocean Elementor Widgets to choose your own style for blog archives.

Speaking of which, you’ll need to purchase Elementor Pro as well as the Ocean Elementor Widgets extension before continuing with this section. A single-site license for this extension is $39/year, but you can gain access to all of the extensions we offer (over a dozen with more to come) for a low price of $44.50/year. Elementor Pro is available separately for $49/year.

General archives

Let’s start with a general archive for all of your posts. Start by adding a new page, and naming it as such, such as “The OceanWP Blog Archives,” replacing “OceanWP” with your blog’s name, of course.

Scroll down to the OceanWP Settings section after that, and configure your settings. I suggest opening the Title section and disabling the Display Title setting so you can use a custom heading with the Heading module. Save the page as a draft, and click Edit with Elementor.

Start by scrolling down to the Elementor Pro elements and dragging over the Posts element. You can do a lot with this element using the Columns and Posts Per Page settings, but we’re going to focus on creating a few specific styles in this post. Let’s start with a large archive style that uses large versions of your featured images.

Set the Columns setting to 1, and the Image Size setting to Full.